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The Army of Eriadu

Invincible Army of Eriadu Authority - Heavy Armoured Neo Imperial Troopers.

GE corner

Greetings to so called Galactic Empire. We are bigger, heavier and smarter. All you have is a just soft, tasty meat covered by white, plastic armour.

Eriadu Authority


Captain Kies and his Heavy Armoured Troopers.













Welcome into Eriadu Authority.

HQ Holofeed ! Eriadu Authority is an organization of men, women and sentients who dedicate themselves to values of Order, Efficiency, Discipline and Courage. Eriadu Authority soldier strives for perfection with all he does regardless if those are civilian or military duties. Our members derive from many worlds, from wildly differing political backgrounds and even species. What we do have in common is that each of us strives to perfect himself. While EA is mainly military focused organisation, our early experiments with field medicines and mobile hospitals grew into full fledged commercial company which provides us with budget capable of funding all of our needs. EA have been born upon meeting of five men of war. Soldiers and Mercenaries who fought on both sides of Galactic Civil War’s conflict. Not knowing about each others affiliations those men, begun debating ins and outs of art of war. Sharing of their differing experiences grew into at first futile attempt to create comprehensive guide to waging land war. EA until today continues this arduous task of researching the Art of War. For the sake of achieving our goal we do not shun from researching various traditions, tactics and concepts in order to analyse, test and assimilate them into what we seek: Perfect Doctrine, Perfect Soldier, Flawless Victory Perhaps it was this mindset that attracted many Mandalorians into our ranks, for which we are grateful though we always seek more. More knowledge, more experience, more data. Perfection is a Merciless Goddess after all.